Chef Terminology and Kitchen Management in Culinary Patron

Chef is a terminology that comes from French which means leader (or in English the term is Chief). In kitchen management and culinary, Chef is the leader of kitchen operational who organizes activity in kitchen to meet the quality standards.

Several examples of culinary activity:

  1. preparation
  2. production
  3. presentation

Several examples of kitchen management:

  1. organizing food products
  2. organizing area cleanliness
  3. organizing operational waste
  4. organizing operational safety
  5. maintenance of equipment and operating tools
  6. staffing
  7. creation of paperwork administration and management report


When a kitchen leader (chef) has a checklist with guidelines of workflow towards culinary activity and kitchen management, it makes the job easier. Thus the controlling of quality management can work as its standard and its quality can be maintained well by the staffs.


Several terms of Chef Role:

  • Executive Chef is the kitchen leader of five stars hotel or fine dining
  • Sous Chef is the second in command after kitchen leader 
  • Chief Cook is the head of cooks in restaurant
  • Pastry Chef is the leader of patisserie kitchen
  • Chef Patron is the owner of culinary business