The 3G in food and beverage industry known as gastronomy, gourmet, and gadgets are very valuable for anyone involved in the f&b field.

Gastronomy knowledge plays an important role in the art and practice of choosing and preparing and eating good food.

Gourmet knowledge on the other hand emphasizes on assessment of the food and drinks as products that caters value in display and flavor.

In the field of food & beverage operations, gadgets are indeed required to produce a particular f&b product or any certain culinary dishes.

Gastronome a.k.a gastronomist not only perform an exploration on culinary and food service, they also caters the public by providing information to educate people in terms of food and beverage.

Several name related with gastronomy:

  • foodie
  • bon vivant
  • epicure 
  • epicurean
  • gourmet
  • gastronome
  • gastronomist

Several career related with gastronomy:

  • chef
  • food scientist
  • nutritionist
  • restaurateur
  • cooks
  • caterer
  • forager

– to be continued –