Behind The Scenes: Preparing Our Meals

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If you have eaten any of Fresh ‘N Fit Cuisine’s meals you know that our food is always fresh and delicious. What you may not know is the hard work and preparation that goes into making your food every week.

Each season, our professional culinary team, led by our 4 chefs, spend a countless amount of hours thoughtfully creating our 5 gourmet menus. By using  locally and regionally sourced ingredients, our food reflects the true flavors of the season. Our in-house Registered Dietitian then makes sure that all of our meals are nutritionally balanced for our 1,200 and 1,800 calories per day plans.

Each meal is weighed to make sure that the portion sizes are accurate, then they are sealed using our state-of-the-art packing machine. Once they are packaged, our distribution team loads them into our fleet of refrigerated trucks to deliver them to our 115+ pickup locations around Atlanta.

Still not sure if…

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Chef Frish’s

Cook and Live the AHA Way

First things first. let me tell you that AHA isn’t for the faint of heart! the teaching methods are definitely designed to prepare and hone your skills for the professional kitchen. all through out, it was a long hard way, but definitely, for me, it was the “best way” and made me the “tough cookie” that i am today. 🙂

I wasn’t the A type student, In that case i had to work extra hard for everything. practical tests are the scariest thing ever. if you don’t come prepared then you have to bear the consequences. (which i learned a lot from! 🙂 with AHA I LEARNED how to work gracefully under pressure, As well as how to multi-task.:)

i’m thankful for the extensive trainings i had when i was in AHA as well as being part of their culinary team. I learned how punctuality, discipline and having the right…

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Prodigiously & Progressively Talented: Chef Sriram Aylur

Appy Bistro


Cooking is an art & a way of expression. We all are every day cooks in our kitchens but to master this art, is not every one’s choice, fate or destiny. The gastronomic world has become a very happening place now days. More & more people are drawn towards becoming a chef, it is now considered as one of the most glamorous jobs but the moment you step into a chefs life, it becomes crystal clear as to how much hard work, dedication, passion, self strength and self motivation is needed to succeed & come out as a true winner. We would like to present one such winner today.

Meet Chef Sriram Aylur, Chef & Director Operations at Michelin Star Restaurant – Quilon, London, by Taj International Hotels Limited, Master of Southern Indian coastal cuisine who could successfully blend the traditional south west Indian coastal cuisine with modern one, honoured as one of…

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Chef Huck: Cid’s menu—a tasty, healthy alternative for people on the go

The Astral Plane

Chef Jeff Huck Cid’s menu a healthy alternative for people on the go

Photo: Katharine Egli

Images and story originally published in Taos News

Chef Jeff Huck has an eclectic background that combines education, anthropology, and cooking. He is currently the kitchen manager at Cid’s Food Market.

Huck started cooking at home when he was fifteen years old.

“I found out then that I really liked to cook,” he said. “Of course, I love food…I am a New Yorker!”

He moved from New York to Colorado in 1995 and attended Naropa University.

“I was very interested in environmental studies so horticulture and anthropology were my main focuses,” he said. “All those years, I still cooked at home and enjoyed it, though I didn’t think I would become a chef.”

After graduation he and his then girlfriend (now his wife) Alicia Bartzen Huck moved to Taos.

“That was in 1998,” he said. “We left for a few months but decided to come back. This…

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Teresa Dovalpage

Chef Ray Naranjo

Ray Naranjo, Executive Chef at El Monte Sagrado, at work

En la cocina

Photo: Katharine Egli

Images and story originally published in Taos News

Ray Naranjo, Executive Chef at El Monte Sagrado, has a personal motto that keeps him going in life and in the kitchen.

“I feel I need to work until my heroes become my competition,” said Naranjo, who has over twelve years of experience as a chef.

He was the Red Chile Champion of Taos last year. This October he participated in the SWAIA-Santa Fe Indian Market, where he collaborated with Chef Loretta Barrett Oden (Potawatomi Nation), Chef Ben Jacobs (Osage), and Executive Chef Jack Strong (Confederated Tribes of Oregon) at a special native food and wine indigenous cuisine dining event.

“It was wonderful to work alongside these well-known chefs and showcase our rich indigenous flavors,” Chef Naranjo said.

New management, new menu

Just like many other…

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Chef Profile: Kevin Robertson Wells

Osborne Hotel

Kevin Robertson-Wells has been Head Chef at Langtry’s Restaurant – Osborne Hotel since January 2015. In our recent interview with Kevin, we discovered the inspiration and passion behind his successful career as a Chef, and talk about his innovative and varied menu at Langtry’s.

  1. When did you first decide to be a Chef?

From age 14, I began cooking at home and baking cakes every weekend for my brothers and I to have in our school packed lunches. At the same age, I had a part time job in a pizzeria.

  1. Who was your inspiration?

My mum and grandmother inspired me to cook from a young age. Growing up, I always loved my mum’s home-cooked meals, and at weekends my grandparents spoiled us with delicious stews and pastries. I particularly loved my granddad’s homemade chips, and I enjoyed getting stuck in and helping.

  1. What was your favourite dish growing up?

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The Aristocratic Chef: An Interview with Daniel Le Bailly de La Falaise


Cody Delistraty | Longreads | February 2016 | 14 minutes (3,672 words)

“The most stylish chef in the industry,” according toVogueParis. “A fairy tale child,” according to fashion editor André Leon Talley, “straight out of a gothic novel.” The grandson of Maxime de La Falaise, a 1950s beauty who wrote for American Vogue and played muse to Andy Warhol. The nephew of Loulou de La Falaise, the afflatus of Yves Saint Laurent. The great-nephew of Mark Birley, who ruled London nightlife with Annabel’s and Harry’s Bar. And on and on.

Daniel Le Bailly de La Falaise has always had much to live up to.

Yet even from his younger years, Daniel parried the pressure with aplomb. He modeled for Vogue Paris as a wispy seventeen year-old. He acted in plays on the West End alongside Michael Gambon. It was the same path of aristocratic, creative urbanity that his…

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Chef’s Table


Chef’s Table, a Netflix original docuseries, follows six different world-renown chefs. From Los Angeles to Sweden, each episode travels to various places around the world to learn the chef’s backstory and to peek inside their successful restaurant. I really hope they continue the series and I highly recommend watching it on Netflix.

You Should Watch Chef’s Table:

  • If you enjoy eating super small, yet incredibly expensive, plates of food
  • If you are interested in becoming a food critic(which is basically #LifeGoals since you get to eat for a living and tell people if you enjoyed your meal or not)
  • If you want to learn about award winning restaurants that you may never be able to get a reservation for
  • If you want to learn what foodies mean when they say it is “from farm to table”
  • If you want to impress any of your foodie friends
  • If you…

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Chef Bob Aungst – Tastes of the World


On Friday, February 26, The Bistro on Park Ave presents Guest Chef Bob Aungst! He will be preparing an incredible handcrafted menu featuring “Flavours Around the World” with courses from India, South America, Central America, Ireland and North America.  There will be wine pairings, as well the entire menu is Gluten Free with Dairy Free options available.


Tastes of the World Menu

  • 1st Course: Butter Chicken Skewers, INDIA
  • 2nd Course: Southern-Inspired Garden Salad w/ Pears, Candied Pecans, Mandarin Oranges, topped w/ Gulf Shrimp, NORTH AMERICA
  • 3rd Course: (choice of:)
    • Charred Flank Steak w/ Chimichurri Sauce, Zesty Roasted Potatoes, Chef’s Seasonal Vegetables, VENEZUALA
    • Broiled Corvina w/ Pineapple Mango Salsa, Yellow Rice, and Chef’s Seasonal Vegetables, CENTRAL AMERICA
  • 4th Course: Bourbon Bread Pudding w/ a Sea Salt Caramel Sauce, IRELAND

Guests may make reservations for this event by contacting the restaurant by telephone at 407-539-6520, or by reserving…

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