Restaurant Series: Enjoying Food in an Art Sanctuary


I first read about ARTOTEL (Thamrin) from a magazine and thought it was a pretty cool concept —  an art-inspired boutique hotel featuring original works of ART by emerging local artists. What a great platform for Indonesian artists to showcase their art (mainly contemporary) to both locals and tourists! There and then, I made a mental note to visit the hotel sometime soon.

Sometime soon came in the form of yesterday afternoon when Agent D and I decided to check out RoCA Restaurant housed inside ARTOTEL for lunch.

IMG_7046[1] Exterior of ARTOTEL.

Our driver doesn’t work on weekends so we cabbed there from church. Once our taxi turned into Jl. Sunda (a small road), we spotted it at once. In fact, it’s actually quite impossible to miss. The exterior is wayyyy too eye-catching. Because RoCA Restaurant is located within the hotel, it is open 24 hours. Awesommme. Now you know where…

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