Socieaty Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta


Hello Abang Mpok !

This time i went to a restaurant which is located at Plaza Indonesia 1st floor, Jakarta. It’s Socieaty ! The restaurant is under Les Amis Group, that’s one of my reasons to try their food ! 😀

The atmosphere of this restaurant is looking so expensive, but homy in the same time. I went here with my old-friend, she had a week holiday from her pilot-school, so yeah i got a chance to meet her-up 🙂

Anw, these are my reviews :

FullSizeRenderDuck Leg Confit, this duck leg was not bad, the skin was so crisphy too (my fav part-ever!). However, if i compared to those restaurants that speciality in duck dishes, let’s say “Bebek Ka***o” they wins ! because they have a strong flavour than this restaurant (i’m sorry, i’m just being honest) 😦

Price for this : Rp. 195,000.

FullSizeRender (1)Floating Island

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