Chef Frish’s

Cook and Live the AHA Way

First things first. let me tell you that AHA isn’t for the faint of heart! the teaching methods are definitely designed to prepare and hone your skills for the professional kitchen. all through out, it was a long hard way, but definitely, for me, it was the “best way” and made me the “tough cookie” that i am today. 🙂

I wasn’t the A type student, In that case i had to work extra hard for everything. practical tests are the scariest thing ever. if you don’t come prepared then you have to bear the consequences. (which i learned a lot from! 🙂 with AHA I LEARNED how to work gracefully under pressure, As well as how to multi-task.:)

i’m thankful for the extensive trainings i had when i was in AHA as well as being part of their culinary team. I learned how punctuality, discipline and having the right…

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