AMKC Atelier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta


February 29th, 2016. Actually I was planning to spend the day at home, because I was so tired after going home from Bandung. But on Sunday night, I met my bestie, Hans and he asked me to join him to a new opening place in Plaza Indonesia. So, I totally forgot about my exhaustion, and I said to him, “Yes sure, I’ll join you.” Voila! AMKC Atelier.

Gourmet eatery & Handmade pastry shop located in Plaza Indonesia by chef Adhika Maxi & Pastry chef Karen Carlotta, the amazing couple chef of UNION.


Located at level 1 Plaza Indonesia, AMKC Atelier was very eye-catching with their black and white decorations. And if you haven’t realized yet, AMKC stands for the chef and Pastry chef’s names. Adhika Maxi Karen Carlotta. This Atelier was their new baby. And they must be very proud. 🙂 Well, for me, the ambiance…

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