Prodigiously & Progressively Talented: Chef Sriram Aylur

Appy Bistro


Cooking is an art & a way of expression. We all are every day cooks in our kitchens but to master this art, is not every one’s choice, fate or destiny. The gastronomic world has become a very happening place now days. More & more people are drawn towards becoming a chef, it is now considered as one of the most glamorous jobs but the moment you step into a chefs life, it becomes crystal clear as to how much hard work, dedication, passion, self strength and self motivation is needed to succeed & come out as a true winner. We would like to present one such winner today.

Meet Chef Sriram Aylur, Chef & Director Operations at Michelin Star Restaurant – Quilon, London, by Taj International Hotels Limited, Master of Southern Indian coastal cuisine who could successfully blend the traditional south west Indian coastal cuisine with modern one, honoured as one of…

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