Moustache milk and cookie bar 

Marcelle Domingo

The food truck culture in Auckland seems to be growing by the minute so when I saw the Moustache milk and cookie bar parked outside Sylvia park I had to get my naughty fix of chocolate goodness and you know what it was so worth it. Three years ago while at uni staying communications a friend of mine and I would visit the Mostache store on Wellesley street to get out hands on the cookie of the day .Moustache take the ordinary milk and cookie and add their own twist to it to ultimately create something that will have you coming back for seconds and thirds. Cookies and milk anyone ?

Moustache are creating cookies that will soon takeover (if it has not already) the sweet tooth title that the cupcake once held. Milk and cookies are the new cupcake. After ordering your cookies and milk or “mo shake” you…

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