Naturally Organic Olive Oil, Vinegar & Herb Blend Products


So I am a foodie…and I love to try new foods…

This came packaged with serious care… each bottle was lovingly bubble wrapped and the herb blend came with an ice pack. It was hard to have this sitting around until I was able to buy some really good quality ciabatta bread to go with it.

Testing day 1… We started with the oils and the aged dark balsamic vinegar… I added enough oil to coat the bottom of the bowl and added about a 1/4 teaspoon of the thick dark vinegar. This stuff looks more like a syrup than a vinegar. Following that with a sprinkle of the herb blend along with some freshly ground pepper. We did this for 4 different oils…

Oil #1 is the flaming jalapeno and garlic.

The jalapeno is underlying flavor with this one and the garlic is a forerunner for the flavor. The heat…

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