Planet Earth for Foodies: We Welcome You & Your Empty Stomach!

Nepheliad Atelier

Luscious mangos grow abundantly in our deep seas, their trees nesting close to the tangled vines of sour green grapes that thrive in the salt-water climate. Diving is not only a trek into the wilderness but also an edible adventure into nature’s cuisines. Many of our experts combine the fertile strength of the grapes with rice wine through years of preservation – the results are out of this world!

In the summer, the African plains are saturated in a flavor of pomegranate cider – a sweet and syrupy aroma that encourage its inhabitants rise with the sun and practice productively. Meanwhile, their neighbors in Europe dine exquisitely on steaming rice pudding and raw honey drizzled onto pears. They have rather picky appetites and strictly ban products like tomato soup and can openers. Unfortunately, we have never found out why.

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