Northwest Culinary Academy Evening Cooking Classes This Fall

NWCABeaterNWCAPICThe Northwest Culinary Academy believes that “The Northwest region is the frontier of innovation because it dares to go against the grain.” And they think that “Vancouver boasts a vibrant food scene”. Well we’d have to agree with them on both of those sentiments. Whether you like to cook food, eat or want to learn more about cooking and/or baking, you may wish to check out the Northwest Culinary Academy located at 2725 Main Street (at 12th Avenue). They have courses for every skill level, whether you are seeking a career in a professional kitchen, a culinary or pastry education, boot camps or just tweaking those home cooking skills. Northwest has a variety of programs available including Summer Camps for the serious foodie. The school has been around since 2004 and was created by two experienced chef instructors, Tony Minichiello and Christophe Kwiatkowsky, and has evolved and grown over the years. Some of their…

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